About Us

I love my products! I’m building my identity with my brand. What more could I want? Great job, guys.

My customers love my products, just like they love my haircuts!

Technology and innovation with my own brand. I’m thrilled!

FULLGUI products have become the most frequently purchased products in my salon. My customers appreciate the quality and my brand.

I spent a long time searching for high-quality products that can make me money. At last, I’ve found them!

My own brand products in my customers’ showers. They’ll never forget me!

Our Company

FULL GUI arose from the desire and ambition of hairdressers to create products for hairdressers.

Only those who work in this profession truly know and understand the needs of beauty-based businesses.

We produce and distribute high quality products formulated using excellent raw materials and in full compliance with regulations; products that don’t impact the entrepreneur’s budget and create maximum profit.

Products that can be customised to fully express the hairdresser’s identity. We believe in hairdressers’ personalities , which we consider to be “personal abilities”, expressed by means of exceptional products that carry the salon’s name and logo – its personality – on the bottle.

We’re experts in every area of the salon business

We ourselves are hairdressers and salon owners, and we’ve drawn on all our experience to help hairdressers develop the full potential of their salon.

We want to involve hairdressers in a revolution of the salon experience, creating a wonderful balance between styling and technical needs, and the dynamics of the hairdressing business.

Our Team

Highly qualified and revolutionary, our team’s view of our business is alternative, visionary and utterly innovative.

We are the creators of functional products for innovative services that bring excitement and novelty to the market.

FULLGUI employs top professionals in all areas of production and distribution; people who are keen to provide completely new products and contribute to your salon’s success.

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