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MINERAL OIL VITAMINA F (10 fiale da 12 ml)  24PZ

Vitamin F mineral oil 10 vials – 12ml. – 24 pcs

408,00 + IVA (22%)

(€17,00 each)

Special formula created from a complex of essential oils and Vitamin F for the deep treatment of  damaged and stressed hair by chemical treatments.

It restores a healthy and vital appearance to the hair by providing a direct supply of vitamins and minerals.

Applied to damp hair, it instantly produces a restructuring action on the damaged parts of the hair. Regulates the production of sebum.

Its use is particularly recommended before or after invasive chemical treatments, to prevent stress and weakening.

How to use: after normal cleansing, distribute the contents of the vial on the roots and ends by massaging lightly, leave on for 3/5 minutes and rinse. Shake well before use.

Packs of 10 vials 12ml
Purchase unit 24pcs

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408,00 + IVA (22%)

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