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Basic Sun Exposure Kit 3 Products – 24 kits – 72 pcs – 24 Bandanas Free

446,40 + IVA (22%)

(€18.20 each)

SUN PROTECTION SHAMPOO 250 ml: enriched with
essential oils and UV sunscreen. Use after sun exposure
to prepare the hair for subsequent exposure. Effectively
removes residues of salt, sand and chlorine. Gently
hydrates the hair fibre and lends new softness to
frizzy and dry hair.

(24 PCS)

SUN PROTECTION MASK 250 ml: anti-ageing protective cream to restore softness and moisture to the hair after sun exposure. Prevents dryness without greasiness.

Strengthens hair weakened by sun exposure, and improves shine in dull hair. It also gives anti-age protection, thanks to its
ability to counteract oxidative damage caused by
UV radiation.

(24 PCS)

SUN PROTECTION HAIR OIL 150 ml: protective oil, for
application before and during sun exposure, to
protect the hair from the aggression of sun, wind, salt and
chlorine, with a UVA/B shielding action.

Protects colour brightness. The texture of the formula ensures
nourishment and maintains the correct level of hydration,
thus preventing premature ageing.

(24 PCS)

*For every complete Kit purchased, you receive a FREE Bandana.

** The image of the bandana is for demonstration purposes only; the pattern varies depending on stock availability.

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446,40 + IVA (22%)

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